We are Dementia Diversity

We believe that by working together we can build communities which make daily activities easier, more enjoyable and more accessible to people living with dementia

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We’re here to support people living with dementia and the professionals working with them

Dementia has an impact on more than just the person living with dementia

If you need support and advice, we’re here for you

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Myself or someone I know has been affected by dementia

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I work with people living with dementia and/or their carers

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Stories from our communities

Read about the experiences of people who are living with dementia

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Share Your Story

If you are living with dementia, or work with people living with dementia, we would love to share your stories here. Hearing about how other people are meeting their challenges goes a long way to encouraging and motivating someone who may be looking for answers

We welcome stories from individuals who want to tell their personal story or organisations who want to share what they are doing with a wider audience. Please send us your story and we will publish it here

For tips on writing your story click on the Read More button.

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Local services for dementia in your area

However you may be affected by dementia there’s always help available.

Due to Covid-19 many services have temporarily closed.

If you contact us directly we can put you in touch with someone in your area

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