Dementia Professionals

To provide a resource network to facilitate the provision and delivery of optimal care for people living with dementia

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We are a resource that
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  • Provides a forum for collaboration and information sharing
  • Improves access to information about available dementia services
  • Supports the development of education and research into dementia and associated issues affecting minority groups
  • Facilitates the identification of gaps in the system of care for people living with dementia from minority groups and device steps to address these
  • Supports the delivery of culturally competent person centred services and care
  • Reduces the impact of dementia through advice, information and practical assistance
  • Collaborates with other networks locally and nationally to share best practice

How we do this

We provide a number of support services

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Training and development
  • Cultural sensitivity and competence in dementia care
  • Person centred care for people living with dementia
  • Understanding dementia
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Living well

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Business support
  • Interim management
  • Business planning
  • Change management
  • Governance and infrastructure support for the voluntary sector
  • Fundraising and bid writing

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  • Our unique solutions for assisting people living with dementia to 'Live Better'
  • Information about statutory rights
  • Sharing our knowledge of the Public Sector
  • Sharing our expertise for the Voluntary Sector


We have undertaken research programme to improve practice in the delivery of services to people living with dementia. We are always open to partnerships in research, particularly with individuals with lived experience of dementia

Additional Resources

Additional resouces and support can be found here

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